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Weekly Drawing for a Free Time Teaching Watch


Weekly drawing for a free children's Time Teaching Watch by Zoobee


Every Monday.


At www.TimeTeachingWatch.com under "FREE WATCH" link.


To promote Zoobee's website and Zoobee's line of children's Time Teaching Watches.


  • Participants go to www.TimeTeachingWatch.com, click on the "FREE WATCH" link, and email Zoobee the general information requested under the link.
  • Winners are posted at the same website link and must claim free watch by date indicated next to name.


Zoobee, Inc., a Colorado Springs, Colorado-based watch company that manufactures and distributes a line of watches that teach children how to tell time, offering the public the opportunity to win a free children's Time Teaching Watch.

About the Product:

Each Time Teaching Watch features a color-coded hour (RED), minute (BLUE), and second (YELLOW) hand and big, easy-to-read color-coded numbers that help children read the clock face. There are twelve watches to choose from, such as Bonnie the Butterfly & Tommy the Tiger. Each watch also includes a time-teaching activity booklet and parent instructions for guiding and encouraging children as they learn to tell time.