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Weekly Drawing for a Free Time Teaching Watch (E-Mail)


Weekly drawing for a free children's Time Teaching Watch by Zoobee


Every Monday.


At www.TimeTeachingWatch.com under "FREE WATCH" link.


To promote Zoobee's website and Zoobee's line of children's Time Teaching Watches.


  • Participants go to www.TimeTeachingWatch.com, click on the "FREE WATCH" link, and email Zoobee the general information requested under the link.
  • Winners are posted at the same website link and must claim free watch by date indicated next to name.


Zoobee, Inc., a Dallas, Texas-based watch company that manufactures and distributes a line of watches that teach children how to tell time, offering the public the opportunity to win a free children's Time Teaching Watch.

How Does it Teach Time?

The watch face features color-coded hour (RED), minute (BLUE), and second (YELLOW) hands and big, easy-to-read color-coded numbers. Three dimensional packaging includes an instructional booklet that provides seven step-by-step instructions for guiding, teaching, and encouraging children as they learn to tell time. The instructions also suggest ideas for helping children understand the concept of time. Other time teaching activities are included that reinforce the skill of telling time, such as circling and writing the correct time.

Who Wears a Zoobee Time Teaching Watch?

Zoobee Time Teaching Watches are specially designed for youngsters between the ages of 3 and 8 who are learning the priceless life skill of telling time with the analog clock face.

What Styles are Available?

Zoobee knows how precious and cuddly animals are to children, so they have enlisted the help of several furry friends & themes to help children get excited about learning to tell time. Each Zoobee Time Teaching Watch features one of twelve colorful styles:

  • Bonnie the Butterfly
  • Daisy the Dolphin
  • Freddie the Fish
  • Ginger the Giraffe
  • Lucy the Ladybug
  • Perky the Panda
  • Pete the Poison Frog
  • Tiny the Tree Frog
  • Tommy the Tiger
  • Dinosaurs
  • Solar System
  • Fighter Airplanes

What are the Features of the Watch?

  • Durable cloth band with metal grommets to increase longevity.
  • Metal buckle & casing.
  • Water-resistant up to 30 feet.
  • One year warranty.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy.
  • Color-coded hands & numbers.

Who Has Bought this Product, & Why?

We have found that Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches give parents, grandparents, and other relatives the perfect excuse for spending time with that special child in their life. So we offer them the opportunity to give a gift that lasts a lifetime...the gift of knowing how to tell time. Teachers and homeschoolers have ordered Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches for the classroom as an interactive tool that supplements lessons on telling time.

Here's what Our Customers are Saying:

"Your watches are a brilliant creation. They're educational, adorable, and compassionate toward real-world issues. I'll be giving the watch to my 5-year-old nephew, who is already concerned about endangered species. This watch will be perfect for him. I found your site through some links while shopping on Amazon.com. P.S. - I'm a teacher too!"
Lisa Day-Lindsey - Aunt & Teacher

"Thanks so much. Before I bought the watch, my son and I became frustrated trying to teach him time. As soon as we got the watch, everything clicked. He could go out and play and be home at a certain time and no more, "Mommy, what time is it?"
Carla Diamond - Mother

"My 8 year old daughter is having trouble learning to tell time. Her tutor...read that part of the problem was that some children were unable to distinguish between the minute and hour hands. Yesterday at a birthday party, a friend showed us a watch she had bought that had different color hands and a butterfly face and said it had helped her daughter tremendously in learning to tell time. I did a search on the Internet and found your site. I also bought one for my younger daughter. Thanks!"
Andrea Crowe - Mother

"I was looking for a watch for my 6 yr. old son for Christmas. He's becoming real interested in the time. Always asking what time it is. He can tell time digitally but I decided to go with an analog watch. I just used a search engine to look up watches for children on the internet and I found your site! The watches are so cute and it was difficult for me to make a choice but I decided on the frogs and I'm sure he'll be real happy with it. I also printed out the steps for learning to tell time. I was wondering how I was going to explain it to him in a way that he would understand. Then I found your directions and I think they sound great! I like how the hands on the watch are colored. I think that will help him. If all goes well, I will be ordering a watch for my 3 yr. old when the time is right and I will pass on the information about Zoobee to my friends as well."
Keri Malloy - Mother

How Do I Purchase a Time Teaching Watch, & what Does It Cost?

Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches are available direct online at www.TimeTeachingWatch.com. All orders are shipped USPS first class mail within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. UPS Next-Day Air or Second-Day Air deliveries are also available. The watches retail for $16 each. Discounts are available as follows: $14 each for 3 or more watches…$12 each for 12 or more. Styles may be mixed, and the discount will be calculated automatically online. By phone order only, all accredited fundraisers and educators may purchase 25+ watches at $8 per watch, allowing a generous profit margin to raise necessary funds for schools and other organizations.

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