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A Fundraiser that Never Expires - and Doubly Benefits Children

What do popcorn, magazine subscriptions, and cookies have in common? They raise money for schools nationwide…but when they are consumed or expire, they are gone. Zoobee, Inc., a Dallas, Texas-based children's watch manufacturer and distributor, is revolutionizing the concept of fundraising in schools across the U.S. with its Time Teaching Watches - a product that imparts an essential life skill that never expires!

All accredited fundraising programs may purchase the watches at a 50% discount with a minimum order of 25 watches (mixing styles as desired). The discounted price amounts to $8 per watch, compared to the regular retail price of $16 per watch. This grants a savings of $200 per 25 watches ordered and a generous margin to raise necessary funds for your school or program.

Promote hands-on learning for children while also raising money for your school with Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches. Billy Darnell, President and CEO of Zoobee, Inc., contends, "Think of it as a double investment in your children. Those who buy the watches receive an invaluable tool for their children...and the profits made from your sales directly benefit the children at your school or in your organization. With every sale, you are positively impacting the lives and education of multiple children."