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A Fundraiser that Doubly Benefits Children


  • Zoobee revolutionizes the concept of fundraising by providing an educational fundraiser that benefits children selling the product and children receiving the product.
  • PTO/PTA members and fundraising organizers receive 50% discount off total order when purchasing a minimum of 25 Time Teaching Watches. Discounted price amounts to $8 per watch, compared to regular retail price of $16 per watch.




At www.TimeTeachingWatch.com, click on "FUNDRAISER DISCOUNT" link.

In contrast to the traditional, non-educational fundraising products such as wrapping paper & cookies, Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches provide a fundraising product that:

  • Teaches the pertinent life skill of telling time to the kids receiving the watch.
  • Raises money to enhance programs that benefit children selling the watch.

Zoobee, Inc., a Dallas, Texas-based children's watch company that manufactures and distributes a line of watches that teach children how to tell time, offering this discount to all accredited fundraising programs across the U.S.


Visit www.TimeTeachingWatch.com to order a minimum of 25 Time Teaching Watches. Choose and mix from twelve available styles:

  1. Bonnie the Butterfly
  2. Daisy the Dolphin
  3. Freddie the Fish
  4. Ginger the Giraffe
  5. Lucy the Ladybug
  6. Perky the Panda
  7. Pete the Poison Frog
  8. Tiny the Tree Frog
  9. Tommy the Tiger
  10. Dinosaurs
  11. Solar System
  12. Fighter Airplanes