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How Does a Zoobee Time Teaching Watch Teach Time?

The Watch Face Features:

  • Color-coded hour (RED), minute (BLUE), and second (YELLOW) hands.
  • Big, easy-to-read and color-coded hour, minute, and second numbers.
  • The (RED) hour hand matches the (RED) hour numbers, the (BLUE) minute hand matches the (BLUE) minute numbers.

The Watch Packaging Includes:

  • An instructional booklet that provides seven step-by-step instructions for guiding, teaching, and encouraging children as they learn to tell time.
  • Suggested ideas for helping children understand the concept of time.
  • Time teaching activities that help reinforce the skill of telling time, such as matching, circling, and writing the correct time.

For More Practice on Learning how to Tell Time:

  • Supplemental time-teaching activities are available online at the "Time Teaching Activities" link at www.TimeTeachingWatch.com

You can also learn more by visiting www.TimeTeachingWatch.com

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