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iParenting Media Award Great Holiday Winter Call 2004

Time Teaching Watch By Zoobee Inc.

These unique children's watches feature color-coded hour (RED), minute (BLUE), and second (YELLOW) hands and big, easy-to-read numbers that help children read the clock face. Each watch also includes a time-teaching activity booklet and parent instructions for guiding and encouraging children as they learn to tell time. There are 12 Zoobee Time Teaching Watches to choose from, including three new styles. The kids watches feature new upgrades such as easier-to-read face, metal grommets on the durable, colorful cloth band that will weather the pool, the bathtub, and even the ball field. Give more than a wristwatch to your child - give them the gift of knowing how to tell time! Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches boast a 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy.

What is the most positive characteristic of this product?

  • The watch that we received was the dinosaur version. It is very appealing to look at, and the band is soft and comfortable. The idea of the hands being different colors and widths is an excellent one.
  • This product really breaks down the concept of telling time and displays the areas on the face of the product. It is colorful and appealing to the eye while not being too busy.
  • This watch is beautiful! The dinosaur theme and the strong construction make it a real eye-catcher. Add to that the thought that went into color-coding the hands and numbers for easy time teaching, and you have a great product.

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