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Topic: The Business of Teaching Time With Kids Watches

Zoobee, Inc. Provides Time Teaching Watches as "Perfect Excuse" for Spending Time with a Special Little Loved One

Consumers discover that Zoobee Time Teaching Watches provide the "perfect excuse" for spending time with a treasured child, and the watches allow parents, grandparents, and teachers to be the first to give a gift that lasts a lifetime…the gift of knowing how to tell time.

Distinguishing the product from other children's timepieces, each Time Teaching Watch includes an interactive instruction booklet that engages child and parent/teacher in the process of learning how to tell time. The fold-out booklet instructs children to match the correct time, circle the correct time, and complete fun tasks within a certain amount of time. Children use the actual watch to determine how long it takes to perform such activities. Seven step-by-step instructions clearly direct the parent or teacher to confidently guide the child in completing the activities and learning how to tell time with his/her Zoobee Time Teaching Watch.

Creating ease of instruction for parents and teachers, the watch face on Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches features color-coded hour (RED), minute (BLUE), and second (YELLOW) hands and big, easy-to-read color-coded numbers. The (RED) hour hand matches the (RED) hour numbers, the (BLUE) minute hand matches the (BLUE) minute numbers. According to Billy Darnell, Zoobee President and CEO, "Between the ages of 3 and 8, children require abstract concepts (such as telling time) to be presented in concrete forms. Children are less likely to confuse the clock hands with the consistent color-coding of our watches, and they are more capable of reading correct time when they can see both hour AND minute numbers on the watch face. Since analog time is a more difficult concept to teach, parents appreciate the step-by-step directions and distinguishable features as well." Zoobee has created a product that includes all necessary instructions for imparting a life skill and allows the enjoyment of spending time with a special child as he/she embarks on such an important learning venture.


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