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Topic: The Business of Teaching Time With Kids Watches

Today’s Digital Kids Still Need To Learn To Tell Time -
Zoobee’s Time Teaching Watch Makes It Easy & Fun

Dallas, Texas (October 4, 2004) Any kindergarten or elementary school teacher will tell you that teaching kids to tell time on analog watches in this digital age is one of the more challenging, yet important, things to teach children. Time Teaching Watches from Zoobee make the task much easier.

Kids love the watches because they feature 12 colorful, fun designs with coordinating watch bands. Learning to tell time makes them feel important and proud, and soon they are offering to tell you the time in the grocery store, on the way to school, and at dinner time. Parents and teachers love Time Teaching Watches because their color-coded hands and numbers make the job of learning to tell time so much clearer and easier. The red hour hand matches the hour numbers, the blue minute hands matches the 1-60 numbers marked around the outer edge (most analog watches don’t number the minutes). There’s also a yellow second hand. The color differentiation makes it easier to communicate with the child about what you’re teaching.

Time Teaching Watches come with a free activity and instruction booklet that kids can use to practice their new skill. The booklet was written by an elementary teacher who knows what works when teaching kids to tell time. The watches work so well that many teachers have purchased watches for their whole class out of their own discretionary funds, and teachers and PTOs/PTAs have used them successfully as fundraisers at school. Retail stores sell the watches for $16 each, but when used as a fundraiser or a classroom tool, Zoobee sells them for $8 each for an order of 25 or more.

"I ran a search in Google for 'children's watches' and your link came up...that's how I found your website. I ordered the watch for my 5-year-old, as I specifically wanted it for the educational benefit rather than a digital watch," says Lisa Marks, a typical customer and mother.

Zoobee just introduced this fall three brand new styles, in response to demand from customers: Dinosaurs, Solar System and Classic Fighter Planes. These three styles join nine previous styles which have been redesigned and upgraded:

  • Bonnie the Butterfly
  • Daisy the Dolphin
  • Freddie the Fish
  • Ginger the Giraffe
  • Lucy the Ladybug
  • Perky the Panda
  • Pete the Poison Frog
  • Tiny the Tree Frog
  • Tommy the Tiger

In addition to the three new styles, all 12 watches feature these upgrades: They have a white background now to make them easier to read. They have metal grommets in the size holes to increase longevity. Each watch has a plastic "battery saver" that must be removed before setting the correct time on the watch. Once removed, the Seiko quartz battery has a life of 2 to 3 years. They are water resistant so kids can swim, bathe and wash their hands with the watch on. The cloth band is much more attractive and comfortable than the rubber or plastic bands often found on kids’ watches.

To help spread the word about Time Teaching Watches, Zoobee gives away a free watch to a random winner drawn from entries e-mailed to the company. The watches are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and they come with a one-year limited warranty.

"We've been so gratified to hear from hundreds of kids, teachers and families that our watches have helped make learning to tell time easier," said Zoobee President Billy Darnell. "It really makes you feel good as a company that your product is helping kids out so much."

Most of Zoobee’s Time Teaching Watches feature animals, so Darnell, an enthusiastic wildlife supporter, passes on a portion of his proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund. The watches can be purchased at toy, school supply and gift stores along with children’s museum, science center and zoo gift shops, and online at the company's website www.TimeTeachingWatch.com.

For consumer information or ordering, call 800-815-0306.


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