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Topic: The Business of Teaching Time With Kids Watches

'Time Flies' with Helium Balloons


Free children's watches - Time Teaching Watches launched via helium balloons.


Every Thursday afternoon.


Each balloon is attached to a Zip-loc bag carrying either a free Zoobee Time Teaching Watch or a voucher for a free watch, as well as a product flier and congratulatory letter.


  • From various locations across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
  • Zoobee will extend its launches from major cities across the nation, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Houston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, Phoenix, and Denver.


  • To promote Zoobee's weekly online Free Time Teaching Watch drawing at www.TimeTeachingWatch.com under "FREE WATCH" link.
  • To alert the public of free Time Teaching Watches scattered around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in fields, trees, backyards, or wherever else fate lands them.
  • To promote children's Time Teaching Watches by Zoobee.


Zoobee, Inc. is a children's watch company based in Dallas, Texas, that manufactures and distributes a line of children's watches that teach kids how to tell time.


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