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Topic: The Business of Teaching Time With Kids Watches

'Time Flies' with Helium Balloons

It might not rain cats and dogs...but could it be raining butterflies and frogs? Zoobee, Inc. is (literally) soaring to great heights promoting its Time Teaching Watches and weekly online free watch drawing. From Tiny the Tree Frog to Bonnie the Butterfly, Zoobee is giving away its twelve styles of colorful animal character watches via "helium balloons!"

Every Thursday, the Dallas, Texas-based children's watch company is releasing giant balloons carrying free watches or vouchers for free watches all across the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. The packages also promote Zoobee's weekly online drawing for a free watch. Those interested may enter the drawing at www.TimeTeachingWatch.com under the "Free Watch" link.

The mastermind behind such a creative marketing concept is Zoobee's own President and CEO, Billy Darnell, who fondly recalls a similar experience he had back in second grade. "During a geography lesson," remembers Darnell, "we launched letters attached to balloons. My classmates and I eagerly anticipated replies from those who found our letters, and we bet to see whose balloon would travel the farthest." The budding entrepreneur was thrilled the day he received a letter from a farmer-surprised by the "air mail" sitting in the middle of his field! Darnell is confident that the "helium balloon/free watch promotion" will create the similar "buzz" around parents and children that brought so much excitement to his classmates and him years ago.

Plans are underway for Zoobee's free watch promotion to float across the nation in major cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Houston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Phoenix, Denver, Boston, and Atlanta. So 'heads-up' - Time REALLY does fly!


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