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A Timely Tool for a Low Budget Classroom


Educators receive 50% discount off total order when purchasing a minimum of 25 Time Teaching Watches. Discounted price amounts to $8 per watch, compared to regular retail price of $16 per watch.




At www.TimeTeachingWatch.com, click on "TEACHER DISCOUNT" link.


  • Due to tremendous demand from elementary teachers delighted to find product online and desiring discount for ordering in bulk quantities.
  • To promote in the elementary classroom the essential life skill of telling time, using Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches as an interactive teaching resource for children.

Zoobee, Inc., a Dallas, Texas-based children's watch company that manufactures and distributes a line of watches that teach children how to tell time, offering this discount to all accredited educators across the U.S.


Call 1-800-815-1306 to order a minimum of 25 watches. Choose and mix from nine available styles.

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