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Topic: The Business of Teaching Time With Kids Watches

Zoobees Let You Walk On The Wild Side!

If you like animals, then you're going to love Zoobees. Zoobees are wristwatches that depict over 55 different kinds of safari animals, so if you're into lions or tigers or bears, then they've got a watch for you! The colorful timepieces feature the photos of acclaimed wildlife photographer Art Wolfe, but the best part of these watches has got to be the wristbands-they're decorated with distinctive animal markings such as the zebra's black and white stripes or the paw prints of the grizzly bear.

      There are many really cool things about Zoobees, but the fact that the company was created by a teen has got to be the coolest! Five years ago 19-year-old Billy Darnell was inspired to start his own business and the result is a watch company with a conscience. We know that Zoobees has a conscience because they contribute a percentage from the sale of each watch to the Wildlife Conservation Society. Zoobees has also created a website (www.zoobee.com) that gives you interesting facts about the exotic animals featured on the watches, such as the hippopotamus and the humpback whale. Check it out!

      Zoobees cost around $20 and you can find them at Rain Forest Cafes, Macy's, The Nature Company, Natural Wonders, FAO Schwartz, and at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, but you can try to win one here! Just fill in the contest coupon, or a reasonable facsimile, and mail it back to us by July 1, 2000. We'll choose 10 winners at random from all entries we receive, and as soon as we address the envelopes the lucky Zoobee winners will receive their watch in the mail. Grab hold of your four-leaf clover for luck!

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