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"Time's Up" - Trademark Taken!

Zoobee, Inc., a Dallas, Texas based children's watch manufacturer/distributor, has just obtained the official trademark, "TIME TEACHING WATCH BY ZOOBEE." Owning the trademark helps distinguish Zoobee's unique product from other children's watches.

What sets Zoobee Time Teaching Watches apart from other children's timepieces? Zoobee has created a unique educational tool that motivates children to learn how to tell time and boosts their confidence in this important life skill. Inquisitive children will find that the big, easy-to-read hour color-coded numbers, clear minute and second numbers, and color-coded minute, second, and hour hands simplify the task of telling time.

Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches also include a time teaching instruction and activity booklet for parents, grandparents, and teachers to guide that special child in their life through mastery of telling time and understanding the concept of different durations of time. Suggested activities involve having your child use his/her new Zoobee Time Teaching Watch while recording a list of items in a category (such as states in the U.S.) he/she can name in 30 seconds, and having your child time him/herself performing daily activities at home.

Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches are sold direct online at www.TimeTeachingWatch.com.