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Giving Back to the World Wildlife Fund

While Zoobee Time Teaching Watches' cuddly characters' main purpose is to help children learn to tell time, they are up to other charitable and noble acts as well! Taking an active role in support of wildlife conservation, Zoobee is proud to donate a percentage of its sales to the World Wildlife Fund. With every online purchase of a Zoobee Time Teaching Watch at www.TimeTeachingWatch.com, customers are joining the worldwide conservation efforts. Customers can choose from the following twelve watch styles:

  • Bonnie the Butterfly
  • Daisy the Dolphin
  • Freddie the Fish
  • Ginger the Giraffe
  • Lucy the Ladybug
  • Perky the Panda
  • Pete the Poison Frog
  • Tiny the Tree Frog
  • Tommy the Tiger
  • Dinosaurs
  • Solar System
  • Fighter Airplanes

Zoobee founder Billy Darnell built the company to combine his two passions, animals and business. Darnell supports WWF's mission to preserve nature and wildlife, and he believes the organization is among the best at what they do.

Known worldwide by its panda logo, WWF is dedicated to protecting Earth's endangered animals (like Perky the Panda and Tommy the Tiger!) and their habitats and addressing global threats. The largest privately supported international conservation organization in the world, WWF boasts more than one million members in the U.S. alone. Since its inception in 1961, WWF has invested in over 13,000 projects in 157 countries. From working to save the giant panda, tiger, and rhino-to helping establish and manage worldwide parks and reserves - WWF has been a conservation leader for over 40 years.

To learn more about the World Wildlife Fund, please visit www.wwf.org.

To learn more about Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches, please visit www.TimeTeachingWatch.com.