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Helping Kids AND Critters!


Time Teaching Watch by Zoobee, Inc. supports World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


With every purchase of a Zoobee Time Teaching Watch.


Zoobee, Inc. donates a percentage of sales to WWF.



Zoobee founder Billy Darnell sought opportunity to combine his two passions - animals and business. Donating a portion of sales to WWF allows him an active role in wildlife conservation.


  • Zoobee, Inc. is a children's watch company that distributes a line of watches that teach children how to tell time. To learn more about Zoobee, visit www.TimeTeachingWatch.com.
  • World Wildlife Fund, known worldwide for its panda logo, is dedicated to protecting and saving endangered animals and actively addressing global threats to nature and wildlife. To learn more about the World Wildlife Fund, visit www.wwf.org.

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