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Learn More About Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches For Kids

About Zoobee Time Teaching Watches

What is a Zoobee Time Teaching Watch? A Zoobee Time Teaching Watch is both an educational tool and toy, designed to stimulate children's interest in learning how to read the analog watch face. The Zoobee kids watches are unmatched for quality. Each Zoobee kids wristwatch is created to endure the test of time and the stress of a child's busy play. All Zoobees, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, bear water-resistant casing and a durable patterned cloth band.

What makes a Zoobee Time Teaching Watch so special and unique? Zoobee is dedicated to helping kids learn to tell time with kids watches featuring colorful, fun designs that capture a child's imagination and stimulate their desire to learn. Now parents, teachers, and kids have access to a resource that teaches how to tell time in an easy, step-by-step fashion - using the most important tool - the watch itself! Each package includes time teaching instructions for parents to help their kids learn to tell time and a fun worksheet for kids to practice their newly learned skill (both designed & written by elementary school teachers). Each of our kids watches features original illustrations of loveable animal characters & themes, and a percentage of every sale is donated to the World Wildlife Fund to support wildlife conservation.

Who wears a Zoobee Time Teaching Watch? Zoobee Time Teaching Watches are specially designed for youngsters between the ages of 3 and 8 who are learning the invaluable life skill of telling time.

What styles are available? We know how precious and cuddly animals are to children, so we have enlisted the help of nine furry friends and three popular themes in our endeavors to get children excited about learning to tell time! Zoobee proudly introduces the following 12 styles of kids watches:

Dinosaurs Solar System Fighter Airplanes
Bonnie the Butterfly Freddie the Fish Ginger the Giraffe
Daisy the Dolphin Lucy the Ladybug Perky the Panda
Pete the Poison Frog Tommy the Tiger Tiny the Tree Frog

Intended for the purpose of teaching children how to tell time, each of the kids watches features color-coded hands and numbers. The red hour hand matches the hour numbers. The blue minute hand matches the minute numbers. The second hand is yellow. White backgrounds and big, easy-to-read numbers make the watches easier to read.

How do I get my Zoobee Time Teaching Watch? Zoobee Time Teaching Watches are sold in specialty toy stores, gift shops, school supply stores, zoos, children's clothing stores, and national retail stores including Learning Express. You may also order the Zoobee kids watches direct online at www.timeteachingwatch.com. All orders are shipped out within 24 of receipt.


"Timely" Inspiration: Biography of a Young Local Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur from the start, eight-year-old Billy Darnell ran the most successful lemonade stand in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now the president of his very own Zoobee Time Teaching Watches, this Cox School of Business alum from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as a "Rising Star."

In 1994 at age 19, Darnell's entrepreneurial spirit moved him once again, this time in an airport lobby while watching the Phil Donahue program. Donahue featured successful business owners, including Dave Thomas of Wendy's, Debbi Fields of Mrs. Field's Cookies, and Geoffe Walsh of Art Watch, Inc. Darnell envisioned a way to tie his two passions-animals and business - together. That same summer, armed with tips of the trade from a helpful Mr. Walsh, Darnell founded Zoobee's predecessor, Naturalistic Timepieces (later, Safari Watches).

In 1997, Safari Watches became Zoobee Inc., and Darnell's watches were unveiled in zoo gift shops and specialty stores across the U.S.

To meet customer demands, a specialty children's line was launched in 2001. These colorful creations featured fun animal characters that fostered a young person's love for wildlife.

Recognizing the importance of children learning the life skill of reading the analog watch face, Darnell improved upon his existing children's watches by introducing the new "Zoobee Time Teaching Watches" in 2002. The new watches are specifically designed to aid parents and teachers in helping children learn the concept of time and how to read analog time.

This one-of-a-kind line of children's time-teaching watches features easy-to-read numbers on the watch face, color-coded watch hands, scratch-resistant casing, and a durable band. New packaging provides tips for parents using this "educational" new watch product and activities for children to enrich their learning. Nine colorful, cuddly, animal character styles and three popular themes adorn the shelves of toy and gift stores across the nation.

Only "time will tell" what Darnell comes up with next!


Here's What Our Customers Are Saying ...

"Thanks so much. Before I bought the watch, my son and I became frustrated trying to teach him time. As soon as we got the watch, everything clicked. He could go out and play and be home at a certain time and no more "mommy, what time is it?"

Carla Diamond - Mother


"My 8 year old daughter is having trouble learning to tell time. Her tutor said she read that part of the problem was that some children were unable to distinguish between the minute and hour hands. Yesterday at a birthday party, a friend showed us a watch she had bought that had different color hands and a butterfly face and said it had helped her daughter tremendously in learning to tell time. I did a search on the Internet and found your site. I also bought one for my younger daughter. Thanks!"

Andrea Crowe - Mother
New York

"I found these time-teaching watches using a search engine through Dogpile.com. My criteria was to find a child's water-resistant watch that helped my grandchildren tell time. Your watches were cute and reasonable. I am looking forward to getting my order."

Diane Stephens - Grandmother

"Found you on the Internet. I have school age kids that I want to work with on their time and fractions, and I was searching the web for watches, clocks, and other learning products for time & fractions. It is hard to find an analog timepiece for kids nowadays, and how do you learn to tell time and understand fractions without an analog clock?"

Mr. Powers - Father

"I was wanting to buy a watch for my nephew's 5th birthday … so I went to "search" and typed in "children's watches". Then, I saw your link and definitely wanted to check it out because I love anything connected with animals and zoos."

Cindy - Aunt

"Just received my order … great delivery & service. Will certainly recommend you to our friends!"


Bill Querney - Father

"I ran a search in Google for "children's watches" and your link came up … that's how I found your website. I ordered the watch for my 5 year old, as I specifically wanted it for the educational benefit rather than a digital watch."

Lisa Marks - Mother


Zoobee Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine ... Click To Read Article


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