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Teaching Time Testimonials

"Thanks so much. Before I bought the watch, my son and I became frustrated trying to teach him time. As soon as we got the watch, everything clicked. He could go out and play and be home at a certain time and no more "mommy, what time is it?"

Carla Diamond - Mother

"My 8 year old daughter is having trouble learning to tell time. Her tutor said she read that part of the problem was that some children were unable to distinguish between the minute and hour hands. Yesterday at a birthday party, a friend showed us a watch she had bought that had different color hands and a butterfly face and said it had helped her daughter tremendously in learning to tell time. I did a search on the Internet and found your site. I also bought one for my younger daughter. Thanks!"

Andrea Crowe - Mother
New York

"I found these time-teaching watches using a search engine through Dogpile.com. My criteria was to find a child's water-resistant watch that helped my grandchildren tell time. Your watches were cute and reasonable. I am looking forward to getting my order."

Diane Stephens - Grandmother

"Found you on the Internet. I have school age kids that I want to work with on their time and fractions, and I was searching the web for watches, clocks, and other learning products for time & fractions. It is hard to find an analog timepiece for kids nowadays, and how do you learn to tell time and understand fractions without an analog clock?"

Mr. Powers - Father

"I was wanting to buy a watch for my nephew's 5th birthday … so I went to "search" and typed in "children's watches". Then, I saw your link and definitely wanted to check it out because I love anything connected with animals and zoos."

Cindy - Aunt

"Just received my order … great delivery & service. Will certainly recommend you to our friends!"

Bill Querney - Father

"I ran a search in Google for "children's watches" and your link came up … that's how I found your website. I ordered the watch for my 5 year old, as I specifically wanted it for the educational benefit rather than a digital watch."

Lisa Marks - Mother

"I found your website while doing a search in Yahoo shopping. My grandson is having a little problem learning to tell time and I'm hoping the watch will help. The price was quite reasonable and it appears to be a learning tool he can use. I'll let you know how things go…"

Lynne Bowles - Grandmother

"I went on a search on the web for children's watches. My grandson is in first grade and I wanted him to have an age appropriate watch, not one that is so enormous that it won't work for him! I was very excited to see your watches!"

"P.S. - I am a teacher, too."
Susan Kesler - Grandmother / Teacher

"Found you guys on the web when I did a search for "kids watches". Thought they were cool in that they teach kids what "twenty after" is and that the numbers have double meanings. My son will be 3 in January and I thought he'd have fun with it."

Juliana Belcastro - Mother

"My little girls are very excited about receiving their watches. They are currently learning to tell time and are anxious to get started!"

Dawn Stringer - Mother

"The watch is great. My daughter is always putting mine or my wives on and I just typed in "Kids Watches" on yahoo and checked it out. My wife was a teacher (1st & 2nd grade) and thought it was a great idea!"

Kyle Rohwedder - Father

"We found your site on the Internet doing a search for children's watches. There were many sites that came up but the thing that caught our eye was the "time teaching watch" which is exactly what we wanted to get for our grandson. We didn't look beyond your site. Thank you for helping us make such an easy decision."

Jackie Hixon - Grandmother

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