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Teaching Time Watch by Zoobee News & Press

Press Releases
10/4/2004 Today's digital kids still need to learn to tell time - Zoobee's Time Teaching Watch makes it easy & fun.
Media Coverage & Awards
9/1/2005 Boutique Back-To-School Gifts
1/1/2005 Ed Play New Products
12/1/2004 Season magazine Just For Kids
11/3/2004 iParenting Media Awards Great Holiday Winter Call 2004
5/1/2001 Entrepreneur Magazine Marketing - By Gwen Moran
6/1/2000 Teen Beat Zoobees Let You Walk On The Wild Side!
1/1/2000 Oklahoma Today Once in a Wildlife Time …Watching Tulsa's Billy Darnell
7/1/1999 The Edwin L. Cox SMU School of Business COXtoday Entrepreneur Updates - Zoobee is Zooming!
5/1/1999 Business Dallas SMU Grad is a "Rising Star"
4/1/1999 Entrepreneur Magazine Rising Stars by Laura Tiffany
9/1/1998 Business Dallas Safariwatch
7/1/1998 The Edwin L. Cox SMU School of Business COXtoday On Their Own by Vinton Murray … Billy Darnell
Company Information
7/1/2004 Time Flies with Helium Balloons
7/1/2004 Free Kids Watches Launched via Helium Balloons
6/1/2004 "Timely" Inspiration: Biography of a Young Local Entrepreneur
3/15/2004 Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches' FAQs...
4/1/2004 Who, What, Where, When, and Why for Zoobee's Time Teaching Watches
1/1/2004 Company Overview
6/15/2004 Teaching Kids How to Tell Time for Free?
2/1/2004 Weekly Drawing for a Free Time Teaching Watch (E-Mail)
1/15/2004 Weekly Drawing for a Free Time Teaching Watch
8/1/2004 A Fundraiser that Never Expires - and Doubly Benefits Children
8/1/2004 A Fundraiser that Doubly Benefits Children
1/15/2004 How Does a Zoobee Time Teaching Watch Teach Time?
6/01/2004 Entrepreneur Seeking Capital Scores Angel Investor While Waiting Tables At Upscale Restaurant
2/15/2004 Zoobee, Inc. Provides Time Teaching Watches as "Perfect Excuse" for Spending Time with a Special Little Loved One
8/1/2004 Teacher Discounts Offered by Time Teaching Watch by Zoobee
8/1/2004 A Timely Tool for a Low Budget Classroom
5/1/2004 "Time's Up" - Trademark Taken!
4/15/2004 Giving Back to the World Wildlife Fund
5/1/2004 Helping Kids AND Critters!
1/1/2004 Quick Tips for Parents Teaching Kids How to Tell Time
"Thanks so much. Before I bought the watch, my son and I became frustrated trying to teach him time. As soon as we got the watch, everything clicked. He could go out and play and be home at a certain time and no more "mommy, what time is it?"

Carla Diamond - Mother

"My 8 year old daughter is having trouble learning to tell time. Her tutor said she read that part of the problem was that some children were unable to distinguish between the minute and hour hands. Yesterday at a birthday party, a friend showed us a watch she had bought that had different color hands and a butterfly face and said it had helped her daughter tremendously in learning to tell time. I did a search on the Internet and found your site. I also bought one for my younger daughter. Thanks!"

Andrea Crowe - Mother
New York

"I found these time-teaching watches using a search engine through Dogpile.com. My criteria was to find a child's water-resistant watch that helped my grandchildren tell time. Your watches were cute and reasonable. I am looking forward to getting my order."

Diane Stephens - Grandmother

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